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Jeans for men

We love denim. Denim continually inspires us to push the boundaries of how it looks moves and feels. The result is our wide collection of G-Star RAW jeans with a variety of styles and fits. We have put together a guide to answer all your questions about our denim styles and fits check out the Denim World.

Pick your favorite jeans fit

The fit is the shape of a pair of jeans. It’s the first thing to consider when deciding what kind you want. For a close fitting look and feel pick a skinny or slim fit. If you’d like roomier pants stay classic in straight fit jeans or try a loose fit for even more comfort. The G-Star RAW jeans for men are set up to meet the right requirements for specific body types and preferences.

Choose your favorite style men’s jeans

Besides fits G-Star RAW men’s jeans are available in different styles. The G-Star RAW online store offers you a wide assortment of jeans for men in different styles and fits. A style is a specific jeans design like G-star Elwood or Motac. We’ve spent many years studying different patterns of jeans and how denim can be shaped and tailored to the body. The result is a range of denim styles from the classic 5-pocket jeans to the innovative 3D constructive denim. G-Star RAW has been a leader in this field since 1996. Each style is unique and represents a different and innovative fit. Check out our unique jeans fits in the DENIM WORLD.

Innovative men jeans created with different finishes

G-Star RAW jeans are available in a wide variety of finishes as this is an important part of the appeal of jeans. We offer visibly aged and worn but still intact and fully functional like our Destroyed jeans or Restored jeans. G-Star RAW men’s jeans are ranging from dark washes like Raw Denim and Dark Aged to light aged washes that have been treated to resemble worn-in jean denim.

Our most sustainable jeans ever

G-Star Raw is working since 2006 on sustainable denim. In 2019 G-Star created world's first ever Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold denim fabric. Cradle to Cradle Certification is the most rigorous certification in the world critical to the next industrial revolution already on the way.

With GOLD in material reutilization renewable energy carbon management water stewardship social fairness and PLATINUM in material health we achieved the first ever overall GOLD Certification for denim fabric in the world. Read more about our most sustainable jeans in Our Most Sustainable Jeans page and shop our most sustainable jeans collection for men in G-Star RAW online store.

Order your men’s jeans online

Ordering your favorite men’s jeans in the G-Star RAW online store is an easy way to get your favorite jeans sends to you directly. Pick your favorite pair and have it delivered to your home by free shipment.

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