28 March 2023


Our first denim couture piece designed by AI


It's hard to ignore the Artificial Intelligence excitement that has taken over recently. What started as denim design experiments, ended in our first ever AI design. But we didn't stop there. After working with the innovative software, we went a step further and brought the AI Denim Cape into reality at our atelier in Amsterdam.


Artificial intelligence is the latest tech trend to make waves across the globe. For our project, we initiated the help from MidJourney, who works from prompts inputted by us (humans). The technique is simple; prompt the software as clearly and as concisely as possible. Hopefully this leads to the most accurate and innovative response. In our case, it was the ideas behind our first ever AI designed product. 

At G-Star, we look at denim differently. Striving for creativity and innovation. Whilst pushing the boundaries of design and craftmanship. Our latest AI project took this to the next level. In our constant pursuit to explore and innovate within our industry, this was the next step in creating the future of denim.

Watch the video to see how we transformed digital denim into the physical world.


Prompt: denim cape morphic, model is wearing, organic shapes, minimal, ratio, futuristic hardware, techwear fashion, white background, 4k

Our designers briefed MidJourney with the description above to create our first AI design.

Our tailors discuss the production of the AI Denim Cape:

What was it like to create without a sketch or pattern? Just from one image!
"You have to look closely. First, I made some mock-ups to get the right vibe during the development. The back was not existing, so I had to design it myself but that came alive during the process."

How was the whole production process?
"Nothing is impossible. But it was quite challenging because of so many illogical details. It took a lot of time to discover how the layers were connected and where details began and ended. But that was also fun because it’s something you would never design as a human."

The most difficult part?
"How to connect all the layers. I found that I had to make the jacket as a base layer. The back is loose, which you can tie with straps onto the shoulders. And the belt keeps everything together, giving shape to the waist. Finally, on top is the shield with all of the crazy details."

Our designers give their insights on working with AI:

How did the AI project manifest?
“The idea for this project was born after we created the ‘digital fashion group.’ It includes people from different departments within G-Star with a common interest in innovation and technology. We wanted to experiment with new techniques and explore the potential of AI in fashion design. However, we didn’t want to be bound to a digital dimension and we wanted to create something real- so we did. This whole process has demonstrated the potential of AI in fashion design and the ongoing evolution of the fashion industry.”

What was it like designing with AI?
"We love to innovate and bring new tools within the design process and integrating AI into it can provide benefits such as increased efficiency and accuracy. It can also help reduce waste in the production process by immediately visualizing a raw idea into a well-made outcome. But it's important to note that AI is a tool. It's the human designer who ultimately makes the creative decisions."

Do you see the future of fashion using AI?
"There's the potential to revolutionize the fashion industry. By utilizing AI, fashion companies can streamline their operations, reduce costs and create more sustainable practices. Already there has been the integration of AI-powered chatbots for customer service and virtual try-on technology. From a designer perspective, we can compare the impact of AI design to the effect Adobe Illustrator had on hand-sketching: it improved and accelerated the process, but always as a tool."

What's next?

It's official. We are well and truly living in the AI era. So what's next for us? More innovation. More experimentation. And more exploration. With our digital world expanding even further and in the introduction of events such as Metaverse Fashion Week, there really is no slowing down. But our ideology remains the same: there is no limit to what denim can do.


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