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The G-Star range of men’s accessories form the perfect opportunity to add a little extra to your outfit. Enhance your looks with quality designed belts ties scarves bags caps and hats.

All accessories are designed to match our extensive collection of denim for men. Choose your favourites and compose a unique look that represents your personal style. Also make sure you check out our collection of men’s sunglasses to find the perfect eyewear accessory for a sunny day.

Accessories for a smart or casual look
Having a day off or just a fan of the casual look? Buy a beanie or a cap to match your clothing. Going for a more formal outfit? Ties and bow ties are also available. Or combine multiple styles in one outfit. A casual shirt can easily look a lot smarter by adding a bow tie or a normal tie. And a business suit suddenly looks a lot more laidback when you add a beanie to it. Don’t let conventions limit you in expressing your style. The G-Star RAW collection of accessories for men provides interesting items to spice up every day’s outfit.

Order your men’s accessories in the online store
Ordering the right accessories just became a lot easier with the G-Star RAW online store. You can quickly browse our full collection of accessories or find the specific item you’re looking for in the left menu. Place your order by simply clicking ‘Add to bag’ on the product page and pay in our secure environment.

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