Manufacturing Map

Supply chain transparency helps us to understand and identify any risks throughout our supply chain. Our Manufacturing Map shows the garment suppliers we work with and offers background information for each of them. Around 95% of our production volume (this differs per season) of all G Star suppliers are included in the Manufacturing Map. This tool gives insight into where our products were made, as well as the total number of workers at all factory sites used for G-Star production, the gender balance, as well as any sustainability initiatives or certifications that are in place. We included all direct suppliers that we have been working with for at least two years.

In our Manufacturing List we publish additional information on our direct suppliers as well as on all the processing facilities. The Manufacturing List was published for the first time in March 2017 when we signed the Transparency Pledge. We do also share the manufacturing list via the Open Supply Hub (OSH).

Both the Manufacturing Map and the Manufacturing List are updated every six months.


8 Countries
25 Suppliers

Production volume per country

31% Bangladesh
20% China
16% India
1% Mauritius
2% Morocco
8% Tunisia
12% Turkey
8% Vietnam


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