19 August 2022


The raw denim care advice

They say life is like a good pair of jeans. Well maybe not everyone, but at least we do. Originally, denim was made for workwear because of its durability. With the intention of being worn in and repaired, a timeless, unique garment is created over time. Get the most out of your denim - watch our 'Care Tips' video.

Celeste Vignois
Denim Expert
Simone La Muraglia

How often should I wash raw denim?

In an ideal world you wouldn’t wash your denim at all. Yes, it may seem extreme. But it's the best way to keep the color and fit right for you. Whether it's every week, month or year, inevitably - less is better. Check out our 'Wash It Right' video for some insider knowledge.

Denim Expert Simone La Muraglia and Host Celeste Vignois discuss the best way to keep your raw denim clean. Check out our 'Wash It Right' video for some insider knowledge.

"If you live in a rainy city you will get caught in the rain eventually right?"

- Simone La Muraglia -

Create unique fades with water or the rain. Watch the video to find out more about the fading process.

4 expert tips on caring for your denim

  • Bathtime? Take everything off - except your jeans. Wear them in the bath and let them get soaked. The denim will shrink to your body for a perfect fit, softly scrub them with the bath soak for a gentle wash.

  • Put your denim in the freezer. Fold it up, put it in a bag and pack it next to your ice cream for 24 hours. The cold temperature kills the bacteria and any odours too.

  • Wear it. Spray it. Use a water spray on your denim when you're wearing it. It will mould to your body and create unique markings tailored to you.

  • Air dry your denim. Indoors or outside, whatever takes your fancy. But airdrying helps to retain the shape over a long time.
But our favorite tip? Live in your denim. Wear it to work, on your bike, at a party. The more you wear it, the more unique it becomes to you.

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