Every dAY wE have A chOicE of...

MORE or LeSs

On the oNE HAnd, wE WaNT MORe.


MORE Fashion

Denim After Dark

MORE Innovation

oN THE Other haND, We nEed LEsS.

LESS Consumption

LESS Production

LESS Waste

WelcomE tO our evERydaY DiLeMmA

Our ongoing challenge

To make MORE out of LESS

To make
To use
of what is
already there
To do
harm to
our planet

We rEcyClEd jeAns iNto a nEw mAteRial. BaAS usED tHis To creatE ARt aND desIGn objECTS.

MEeT maArtEn BaAS

Maarten Baas (1978) is considered one of the most influential Dutch designers of the 21st century. His work explores the boundaries between the art and design worlds. This resulted in his unique autonomous position where architecture and interior design meet conceptual art and performances. Baas’ work is known as rebellious, playful and artistic and has been included in the collections of museums such as MoMa, Victoria & Albert Museum, Les Arts Decoratifs and Rijksmuseum.

The DEnim CabiNets

Made from a denim board material created from recycled G-Star jeans, specially developed by Really / Kvadrat. The cabinets are made to order. Price on request.

The Exhibition MORE OR LESS

A collaboration between G-Star and Maarten Baas where we showed the endless possibilities of denim. The kick-off was an impressive exhibition during Milan Design Week 2023, where we explored one of the fundamental predicaments of our time: the tension and duality between the desire for more - and the need for less. The 16th century church San Paolo Converso was the unexpected backdrop to showcase the triptych of cabinets in the shape of jeans, and a fifteen- meter long private jet - all made using recycled G-Star jeans.

denim wastE INiTIAtiVeS

We constantly seek to improve the social and environmental impact of our products. That’s why we're working on repair, reuse and recycle initiatives.

Certified Tailors

The Art of RAW

RAW Responsibility

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