When it comes to the PEOPLE in our supply chain, our key focus is on achieving fair, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as protecting human rights. We engage in key industry partnerships and make use of standardized industry tools to monitor working conditions.

We have a clear understanding of the social risks within our supply chain and run programs on:

Workers’ Rights

To improve fair, safe and healthy working conditions in our supply chain, we work closely with our suppliers.

2025 GOAL: Improve current complaint systems towards global independency and confidentiality, to strengthen workers voices in G-Star RAW supply chain

Fair Wages

A minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law in any given country, this doesn’t always suffice for a normal standard of living. That is why we joined ACT on Living Wages.

2025 GOAL: Work towards an industry wide agreement on regional living wages and support implementation in G-Star RAW production Countries.

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