19 August 2022


So, what is raw denim?

We're somewhat of a specialist in denim. But raw denim is the starter point to every single product made from the fabric. And it looks great. We sat down with our Denim Expert Simone La Muraglia and Host Celeste Vignois, to discuss what exactly is 'raw denim'? Watch the video to find out.

Celeste Vignois
Denim Expert
Simone La Muraglia

Discover Selvedge Denim

Woven slowly on traditional looms, 'Red Listing Denim' is the most exclusive range of denims offered by G-Star. Each piece takes its name from the red thread woven into the selvedge and is recognisable by a rich, authentic surface texture the kind of denim that can only be created on old shuttle looms in the hands of skilled craftsmen. Selvedge comes from the words 'self-edge' which refers to how the fabric has been manually woven at the edge. In contrast to this, raw denim refers to the lack of washing on the fabric itself. The two types of denim can often be crafted simultaneously but have different meanings.

Raw denim explained

Raw denim is denim in its purest form. Every little piece of denim starts as raw. Over the years, the denim industry has evolved and a lot of industrial washes came in, using a lot of water and a lot of chemicals. So, for this reason, we can say that raw denim is more responsible, longer lasting and more durable. In a way, with this fabric you start from scratch, so you can write your own history on your jeans.

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