G-Star Elwood

Our original 3D denim. Relaunched for now. One design. All of our DNA.

Remixing denim

We enlisted two street dancers based in Japan, to bring our 3D silhouette to life. Masters of their craft. Top of their games. True originals. In denim engineered to express. Throwing shapes with jeans that move with you. The G-Star Elwood.

The D SoraKi

One of the best dancers in the world. He found his creative outlet whilst growing up in Shounan, Japan. A unique dance style and extreme fluidity gained him global recognition. And, the winning title of Red Bull's Dance Your Style 2022 world final.

From 2D to 3D and beyond

The G-Star Elwood was established in 1996. Now it's back. Same details. Same design. Crafted with our 3D denim construction. Inserting extra seams, panels and pockets. Tailored to follow your figure, creating the freedom to move. Using denim deliberately and progressively. Then and now.


From an obsession with karate. To a global dance career. Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, she discovered dance at the age of eight. With time came experience, and her own dance crew 'RUSHBALL'. Now, she thrives off teaching the younger generation her very own craft.

Throwing shapes

Street dance was born out of a need for an escape. A form of self expression. A social interaction. A sense of freedom. It became the voice for underrepresented communities. And a way for youth to gain respect. Street dance unites everyone. From everywhere. Since 1996 the G-Star Elwood has been part of that scene. The pioneering culture. The revolutionary history.


In denim designed to move with you. Two unisex styles. The G-Star Elwood Regular. The G-Star Elwood Loose. Our original from '96. As seen on you in '23.

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