Become a Certified Tailor

In 2021 we introduced G-Star RAW Certified Tailors in the Netherlands. We encouraged customers to not throw away their old G-Star jeans, but rather get them fixed by one of our Certified Tailors. Free of charge. We are expanding this program in South Africa and are looking for you!

What are we looking for?

We are looking for the best tailors in South Africa to help us extend the lifecycle of our jeans.

Are you a true denim enthusiast with a passion for upcycling fashion? Do you want to be trained at our Global HQ in Amsterdam, learning everything about RAW denim, stitching techniques, 3D design, our fits and fabrics, turning you into a G-Star denim expert?


  • Located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban
  • Have a shop or studio where customers can bring in their products for repair
  • Is a denim enthusiast with an interest in sustainability and upcycling
  • Must be a talented tailor with the sewing skills to match


  • 13th of June: Announcement of the selected tailors
  • Mid-august: Workshop at the Global HQ in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How to apply

Send your portfolio with a short presentation of yourself to:
Applications close: 9th June 2022

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