G-Star styling, down to a science

Discover the essential formulas of forbidden combinations to create new and unexpected looks.

G-S × (fw+sp)


A tailored piece can go a long way with your sports outfit. Elegant accessories are key, as well. Simply calculate one or more luxury pieces into the whole and project a chic and luxurious image, with a sporty vibe. You can always add one or more denim pieces to give it the G-Star RAW edge.

G-S × (sp+ut)


Mix in bomber jackets, army pants or army tops with sweat pants or sporty tops and craft a bold, street-smart outfit, right up the culture hype. A great mix of patterns can convey the forbidden combinations in a classic G-Star outfit. For weather purposes, or simply for an added edge, a worker's parka over it all will make you ready for anything.

G-S > cls


Discover the world of fashion geometry, where blocking items in different shades of the same colour creates interesting lines and shapes. Adding one vibrant accent to a complete denim blue outfit, for example, does the same trick.

G-S × (ut+d)


Denim started as workwear, so teaming up several archive-inspired workwear garments with key denim items creates a powerful and functional outfit. Add some sporty or formal accessories – Something intriguing. Forbidden. Or keep it consistent with a few vintage inspired workwear accessories for a stronger touch of nostalgia.

G-S = Fw(n) + D(n)


Think of the best in elegant trenches, dress shirts, or perfectly crafted tailored pieces and calculate one or more such luxury pieces into your denim-based outfit to transform it into a supremely street-chic and luxurious style. A leather jacket, too? Yes. As long as denim is the base, no matter the style or wash.

G-S = fn + pn


You can add a variety of contrasting textures into one set of garments and craft a striking whole that shows depth. From denim plus silk, wrinkled plus smooth, shiny plus washed out or handcrafted knits plus tailored pants - to name a few, you can add many meaningful layers to your outfit. Never a boring, predictable moment here. Not when playing with clashing patterns, for an extra fascination to the eye.

G-S = D/D


Denim on denim is a sleek craft that needs just the right amount of contradiction. The essential rule: go for a forbidden combination of washes and cotton treatments – from a clean wash to destroyed fabrics, from raw denim to various dyes. Several accessories, skilfully added, will give the outfit a supremely cool feel.

G-S = (X + Y)acc


A contrasting accessory draws maximum attention to a complementary scheme. Add one or more, depending on the purpose of your outfit, and see its personality change.

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