28 March 2024


Resell. Rewear. Reduce.

a man standing on top of a pile of clothes with a jacket on

Welcome to the new age of circular economy. Where your clothes get a second life, and you get an immediate reward. With the launch of our secondhand platform, Rewear, you can buy and sell unique G-Star items stress-free. And wear them eternally. As a part of our ‘repair-rewear-recycle’ strategy, this platform honors our commitment to responsibility.

Breathe In a Second Life

Following our previous initiatives aimed at responsible consumption and production, we launched Rewear. For now, available only in the Netherlands. Soon to expand to our other locations. ¬This is our next step in achieving greater circularity and expanding the lifespan of our garments. The platform allows you to resell the items that no longer fit or suit your current self. And gives denim heads a chance to get lucky searching for our long-lost treasures. Most importantly, it reduces our environmental impact and lessens the guilt of never-ending consumption. “This way, we can achieve a greater collective impact”, Rebecka Sancho, our Head of Sustainability.
a woman standing in a skirt made out of jeans

Small Simple Steps

Simply hand in the pieces you want to give a second life, online or in-store, and our team will get them back in shape and resell them for you. Your voucher is immediately generated once your submission is approved.

  • Sell & buy items washed, checked and authenticated by our specialists.
  • Leave taking pictures and writing descriptions to us.
  • Receive an instant voucher right after validation.
  • Secure fast delivery and easy returns.
a man is working on a pair of jeans with a sewing machine

Reoccurring Remedies

Before hitting the “sell” button, we recommend giving your clothes a chance at recovery. Repair free of charge is available at our selected drop-off points, where our Certified Tailors will assist you as much as they can. Items beyond salvaging can still find their purpose. With our Return Your Denim initiative, you can hand them in at our designated stores, where they’ll be responsibly processed for recycling. Some of the recycled material is later used to create art objects as a part of our Art of Raw program. Where old jeans are reborn as innovative creations. Our clothing is made to last. In one way, or another.


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