14 August 2023


One-piece on duty

Trends transform and seasons change. But that one-piece will stay forever. Perfect for layering. Ideal to make a statement. And, fun to style. Explore the evolution of dresses & jumpsuits and how you can make them work.

Jump the suit

What started off as a suit for parachute jumpers, was eventually introduced into womenswear in the 1940’s. Now, a wardrobe staple of many. With its utilitarian origins, the jumpsuit is still one of the most functional garments ever. Whether it’s a casual day of running errands or drinks with your friends, this one-piece has versatility at its core. Translated into the current fashion landscape, jumpsuit is the go-to item. Paired with sneakers or heels. Minimalist or maximalist. The options are endless.

Address the dress

Dresses have a long and complex history. First, gender-fluid and ready-to-wear for anyone. Then, made exclusively for men. And now, an indispensable part of womenswear.
Over the years, we went from floor-sweeping skirts and corsets of the 1800’s, to looser fits and lower waists of the roaring 1920’s. Embracing the variety of all the dresses that came before, you can choose freely. Whether it’s our military shirt dress with a wrap belt that will accentuate your figure. Or the loose-fitting para dress. There is one for everyone. Or, more.

How to style one-piece anything

  1. Build your outfit from a solid foundation. Whether it’s a dress or a jumpsuit, focus on your needs. Cinched waist? Looser fit? Or lighter feel? The right one flatters your body shape. And makes you feel good.
  2. Accessorize to keep it interesting. A scarf or a necklace can go a long way. As well as the shoes. Sneakers or boots to tone down the outfit. Heels to elevate it. Mix and match. And don’t forget to explore the forbidden combinations. You might be surprised.
  3. Layers. Layers. Layers. Overalls paired with a simple white tee is a classic combo. But if you’re feeling risky, try a shirt with a fun print. Different layers can create different outfits. Whilst the foundation remains the same. Making one-piece a responsible choice that will last a lifetime.


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