24 May 2024


The Era of Comfort

a woman sitting on the ground with her legs in front of her

Skinny jeans dominated fashion throughout the 2000s. Just think of Kate Moss or Pete Wentz. Celebrity culture was at its peak, and everyone had at least one pair of skinny jeans in their closet. Today, the style is not as popular as it once was. Though skinny jeans have made a slight comeback in 2024 (with luxury brands including the style in their FW24 collections), the scene has been dominated by roomier fits like the loose, straight and bootcut.

a man posing in a black T-shirt and jeans

The Looser, the Better

Comfort is at the top of the fashion agenda. Gone are the days of ultraslim fits. Now, it’s all about baggy and wide leg jeans, like the Type 69 for men or the Judee for women. It’s easy to see why — loose jeans are not only comfortable, they’re also extremely versatile. They can be easily dressed up or down, and add an extra touch of volume to your looks.

a man in a white t - shirt and brown pants

Straight Forward

For those who aren’t ready to embrace the baggy trend just yet, straight jeans might be the best option. They’re not quite skinny, but they still come with a much slimmer fit than wide leg pants. A ‘90s staple, straight-leg jeans are a timeless and minimalist addition to any wardrobe. Start with the Mosa for men or the Viktoria for women.
a woman in a tie dye shirt and white pants

Add Some Flare

With the 2000s making a huge comeback lately, it was only right for bootcut jeans to make a return, too. Coming with its signature flare at the bottom (wide enough to fit a boot underneath, as the style name may suggest), bootcut jeans are comfortable enough for all-day wear. Plus, the flared hem elongates the leg, making it a flattering option for every body. Updated for now, the bootcut comes in all kinds of washes, fits and rises, like the distressed Lenney for men and the dark wash Noxer for women.


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