Reduce plastic waste every time
you wash your garments.


Machine washing is a big source of plastic pollution in the oceans. Every time you do laundry, synthetic garments shed small plastic fibers that end up in the water.
With better washing habits for your garments you can make a big difference.


Your denim doesn’t need to be washed after each wear.
First, to reduce your own environmental impact, try to air-dry your jeans outside and see if it’s enough. However, if you still have to wash your denim, you can reduce your impact by following the instructions below:

  • Fill up your washing machine: washing a full load results in less friction between the clothes, which means fewer fibers are released.
  • Use washing liquid instead of powder: the ‘scrub’ function of the grains of powder results in a higher proportion of fiber loss than when liquid is used.
  • Use a fabric softener: some ingredients in fabric softeners reduce less friction between fibers, which reduces fiber loss.
  • Wash at a low temperature: when clothes are washed at a high temperature some fabrics are damaged, which leads to more fibers being released.
  • Avoid long wash programs: long wash programs cause more friction between fabrics, which results in more fibers tearing.
  • dry spin clothes at low revolution levels: higher revolutions increase the friction between the clothes, resulting in a higher chance of fibers loosening.


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