G-Star RAW × Henk Schiffmacher

The Art of the Needle

Tattoo and denim.
For the rebels and renegades.
Both representing an anti-establishment attitude,
united by a passion for the needle.

G-Star RAW and Henk Schiffmacher are celebrating uniqueness. Artistic and personal expression on a blank canvas.
Brought to life through a limited edition denim dungaree full of history, symbols and mythology.

Who is Henk?

Henk Schiffmacher (The Netherlands, 1952) is a living legend in the tattoo world. Countless pop stars and celebrities like Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have travelled to Amsterdam to get a permanent piece of art by Schiffmacher. He has one of the largest private collections of contemporary and historical tattoo ephemera on earth. The tattoo artist and historian has published over twenty books.
"For me, it’s all about the pictures. I can lose myself completely in my drawings."

"The needle is one of the most important things ever to have been invented by man, as well as being the tool that is essential to both G-Star and me. The needle is what connects us."

Limited Edition
Designed & signed by Henk Schiffmacher

It was obvious that a collaboration with Schiffmacher would result in these dungarees. "I wear dungarees every day. This item of clothing literally gives you the space to move around freely and to practise your profession. It was originally an item of workman’s clothing, but it’s perfect for the job I do. Denim also moulds to your body, making it feel increasingly like a second skin. I wear them until they are threadbare."

This limited edition has many stories to tell. From references to the history of tattoos in the many stitches and symbols to Schiffmacher’s quirky way of life, evidence of which can be seen in the washing and patches of wear and tear.

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