An outfit is more than a set of garments. It’s great to see that you are sharing your social media content with us, by means of tags (e.g. @gstarraw) and branded hashtags (e.g. #GStarRAW, #ItsYouOwnIt), hereafter referred to as ‘Content’.”

As we like what you shared with us, we have contacted you through a comment on your photo/video and asked for approval for re-use of this specific piece of content.

By responding #YESGStar to this comment, you agree to our User Generated Content Terms & Conditions. These include approval to display your content on, including but not limited to, the G-Star Website, G-Star marketing communications, G-Star app, advertisements, social media, social walls and/or digital screens in store.

We use an external service provider - Flowbox - to collect publicly shared G-Star related social media content. We store your video, messages, images and other personal data until you withdraw your consent. Unused content is only stored for 44 days.

We will process the following categories of personal data for the #YESGStar service:
  1. Your social media handle
  2. Photo
  3. Video
  4. Likeness
  5. Profile picture
  6. Caption
  7. Amount of likes and comments
  8. Date of posting
  9. Location information

The processing of your personal data is necessary to fulfil the service of #YESGStar. We will e.g. use it for our marketing, public relations and/or in our advertising, including without limitation, on the website gallery, in newsletters, our social media channels, magazines, point of sales materials, press releases, mobile applications, video, catalogues, email and other customer communications, store materials and on any other marketing and advertising materials on any platform. If you do not accept these terms, we will not be able to share you pictures. The legal basis for this processing of personal data is your consent, unless the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate business interests of G-Star to improve its products and services and consumer understanding.

You can withdraw your consent at any time. If you want us to delete a video, message, image or other personal data that you have submitted via the hashtag #YESG-Star, you can send us an email with your request, including your social media username. Please note that your withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of our use of your photo or video prior to your withdrawal.

You can use the contact details here if you would like to exercise the right of withdrawal or exercise other rights in relation to your data as mentioned here.

Version 1.0, September 2019, © G-Star Raw

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