Denim For Earth

Artists create couture
inspired by circular denim innovations by G-Star RAW

Photographed by Wendelien Daan
Styled by Majid Karrouch

Western Sakiori

Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.

Designer Ferry Schiffelers created this couture dress with recycled denim. He used a traditional Japanese weaving technique, a method that breathes new life into discarded rags.

Where Eagles Dare

‘Birds are the indicators of the environment;
If they are in trouble we know we will soon be too’
– Roger Tory Peterson

This hat piece by Yuki Isshiki, made with a circular denim fabric, symbolizes a future where the carbon footprint of denim is minimal.

Paint it Pink

It’s not just a color it’s a state of mind.

Designer Tess van Zalinge created this coat from organic white denim dyed. This look is dyed with upcycled beetroot waste, demonstrating that beautiful colours can be achieved without toxic chemicals.

Creature of the Blue Lagoon

‘Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world’ – Howard Zinn

This artwork, designed by Majid Karrouch is made of upcycled denim waste. It symbolizes the magnitude of the textile-waste problem, worldwide.

Back to Black

In the wind of change we find our true direction.

Inspired by traditional Dutch costumes, Charlotte Bakkenes created this dress with sustainable black organic denim, which is designed for circularity to lower the impact on the environment.

Tribe Earth

The Earth is what we all have in common.

Designer Ferry Schiffelers created this dress with circular denim. This denim is made with revolutionary new techniques energy, saving energy and natural resources. Not one drop of water is dumped in the local environment.

The Tapestry of Life

‘The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation, the air our breath, and the earth our body’ – Deepak Chopra

The Visionary Lab designed this coat by upcycling denim garments from previous ‘Raw for the Ocean’ collections, made of plastic bottles collected from ocean shores. Bagua Jody embellished it with artwork and Yulia Nova added embroidery details. A fashionable statement to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the Ocean.

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