What happens if no one is present to receive the delivery?

    UPS will try to deliver your package three times. If possible, the UPS courier will deliver the package to one of your neighbours. If the third attempt to deliver your package fails, UPS will leave it at your nearest UPS / Kiala point. Your package will be held there for a period of 14 days.

    What are the delivery costs?

    Shipping costs are always for FREE.

    What is the delivery time?

    Most in-stock items arrive within 2-5 business days after your order is shipped from our warehouse in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ("Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.) Please note that the tracking information will be visible after your order has passed through US customs.

    Since delivery timeframes vary depending on destination, the most accurate estimate is provided in the shipping confirmation. The tracking information generally becomes visible 48 hours after you have ordered, though this depends on how fast the order passes through US Customs. Please note: Although we try our best to deliver your items within the estimated time frame, delivery dates are not guaranteed.

    Can I choose a delivery address abroad?

    No, deliveries abroad are not available at this time. The delivery address must be in the same country as the Online Store in question.

    Where can I receive my order?

    Orders can be sent to your home or office, a pick up point of your choice, or to one of the following G-Star stores:

    G-Star RAW Store Beverly Hills
    G-Star RAW Store Boston
    G-Star RAW Store Cherry Hill
    G-Star RAW Store Chicago
    G-Star RAW Store Garden City
    G-Star RAW Store Garden State Plaza
    G-Star RAW Store Jersey City
    G-Star RAW Store Las Vegas
    G-Star RAW Store Los Angeles
    G-Star RAW Store Miami
    G-Star RAW Store Miami Beach
    G-Star RAW Store New York 5th Avenue
    G-Star RAW Store New York Broadway
    G-Star RAW Store New York Soho
    G-Star RAW Store New York Willamsburg
    G-Star RAW Store Newport Beach
    G-Star RAW Store Portland
    G-Star RAW Store San Francisco Chestnut
    G-Star RAW Store San Francisco Geary
    G-Star RAW Store Santa Monica
    G-Star RAW Store White Plains

    What is UPS My Choice®?

    After your order has been shipped, you can customize your delivery options with UPS My Choice®.

    UPS My Choice® allows you to personalize your delivery for maximum flexibility.

    Benefits include:
    Receiving pre-delivery notifications of incoming packages via email, text, or phone;
    UPS Mobile™ App provides push notifications for timely updates;
    Make changes to your delivery (date, time, location) while the package is in transit;
    Sign for packages with ease;

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