Raw denim gives you another look at every stage of life. So embrace the wrinkles, the lines, the scars and the scuffs. Think responsible.

Wear your denim
till the end

Wear your denim
till the end

We believe in making denim that lasts a lifetime. Or even longer. Carefully constructed, mindfully made.
Creating denim for now. And denim for the future.

This is the RAW denim way.

RAW DENIM, Forever

Raw denim is the purest form of denim, carefully constructed to last a lifetime. It doesn’t have any additional treatments or washes added during the production process. This means less water and harmful chemicals are used, creating a more sustainable fabric that has been made to last.

Raw denim shapes to your body, becoming softer the more you wear it. The indigo color fades with distinct marks appearing over time, this creates a unique piece with its own character, tailored to each wearer.

Embrace the aging process

Time creates the character in denim, to make it your own

This is raw denim in its purest form. The shaping process starts with creases appearing.

The color starts to fade slightly with the edges of the garment becoming scuffed.

Distinct marks and more contrast in color give unique character. Small rips start to appear.

The denim has faded in different places and repairs have been made over time.

Multiple shades of contrasting colors and lots of repairs are present within the unique denim.

Begin your denim journey with the Arc 3D

Triple A Men

A new yet timeless fit. The Triple A sits higher on the waist with a regular straight leg from the thigh down.

Type 49 Men

The iconic Type 49 jeans offer a relaxed fit for extra comfort. With room at the thigh, the straight leg continues right down to the ankle.

Type 89 Unisex

The Type 89 is a versatile option. Wear your regular size for a classic straight fit, size down for a slim, high-waisted look or size up for a relaxed feel.

Want more RAW?

Get to know the responsible fits with a style to suit everyone. Carefully constructed and mindfully made with raw denim.

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