G-Star Product Authenticity

G-Star Product Authenticity

Statement: Stop fake

G-Star is aware that people make counterfeit or fake G-Star products and we are working to disrupt and finally eliminate the trade in G-Star fake products. We have implemented a comprehensive program to deal not only with websites offering fake G-Star products, but the sources thereof, the distribution systems, the auction sites and other trade channels in fake G-Star products.

To find authentic G-Star products, always purchase on www.g-star.com or an authorized store: a retailer, a franchisee, outlet store or an authorized webstore.

Purchasing products from unauthorized retailers is at your own risk. Be cautious of websites that offer substantial discounts or early product releases.

If you believe you have purchased a G-Star counterfeit product, please contact the seller to resolve your issue. G-Star is not able to respond to specific questions about product authenticity.

Campaigns brand protection team

Online Auctions and marketplaces:
We monitor online platforms worldwide and take down auctions, websites and marketplaces offering fake G-Star products on a daily basis.

Search engines and investigations:
We work closely with Police forces and professional investigators, alongside with search engines such as Google and others to identify sellers of fake G-Star products. Our program has already taken down thousands of websites or adverts.

Hosting, technical and payment providers:
Our program uses our intellectual property (IP) rights to force hosting and technical providers to shut down websites stored on their servers which we identify as selling fake products and violating our IP rights or to block access to payment providers such as credit card companies and online payments systems.

Domain name and UDRP procedures:
When we find a website that keeps coming back, we undertake actions seeking a formal cancellation of its domain name or other similar actions with the various bodies that, by international agreement, have the authority to literally wipe a website’s web address off the books, or force a domain name registrar to do so.

Blogs and social media:
We monitor blogs and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or Pinterest, where counterfeit dealers try to sell their merchandise. When we discover fake profiles, we get them removed.

Our trademarks are registered with customs services throughout the world. Those services are supported through constant training and dialogue with our external counsel, service providers and our brand protection team.

Raids and investigations:
Our investigators monitor markets, factories, warehouses, stores and trade events. When they identify places manufacturing, storing and/or selling counterfeit goods, the appropriate authorities are informed and raids are conducted. Fake products are then seized and recycled.

Civil and criminal actions:
In the protection of our interests, we use all remedies available. We initiate civil actions to seize fake products and destroy them or to recover damages. If necessary, we request and collaborate with law enforcement to initiate law suits against people who sell or facilitate to sell fake products.

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