G-Star RAW X Snoop Dogg – Say It Witcha Booty

Hardcore Denim X Snoop Dogg

Introducing our tongue in cheek global Hardcore Denim campaign 'Say it Witcha Booty' featuring icon Snoop Dogg. A creative celebration of denim booties. Men, women, islands, hot air balloons and yes...even Doggs.
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G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection


G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
10 September

Exclusive interview with Snoop

Snoop Dogg has been surprising the world with his musical spirit, creative progressiveness and unexpected collabs for thirty years. The American rapper was still a rookie when he stormed the US charts with his catchy G-Funk sound – and that was just the beginning. Various film roles soon followed, and Snoop turned producer to create a diverse range of TV programmes. He even showed the world his culinary skills in Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner. This global icon is showing no signs of slowing down just yet and has no plans to do so.

It was Hypebeast's honour to talk to the star of our new Hardcore Denim campaign 'Say it Witcha Booty' in an exclusive interview. The hip-hop legend speaks openly about the campaign as well as the secret to his inexhaustible creativity and what it means to be a 'true original'.

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G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
7 September


Our new tongue in cheek global Hardcore Denim campaign ‘Say it Witcha Booty’ is featuring entertainment icon Snoop Dogg. It is a creative celebration of all denim booties. Men, women, islands, hot air balloons and yes... even Doggs.

Snoop is a real G-Star Original: one of a kind, master of his craft. He continuously re-invents himself and merges worlds in unexpected ways to remain creatively cutting edge.

‘Say it Witcha Booty’ unites G-Star‘s Hardcore Denim philosophy together with Snoop’s signature blend of humour, style and backside appreciation.

“G-Star and Snoop Dogg - Nuthin' but a ‘G’ thang!”

G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
6 September

Jeans update: back to the 70s

Trends sometimes seem to randomly appear out of nowhere, but nothing could be further from the truth. For example, recent nostalgia for the 1970’s and 80’s is a natural response to the turbulence the world has been facing. And sure enough that longing for the past is also reflected in the prevailing fashions and latest denim trends, which offer an unmistakable nod to that era.

In the 70’s jeans were more fitted at the waistband but wider from the knee down. Imagine the loose-falling flared denim for which the pop stars of that era are remembered. In 2021 jeans are being worn loosely once again. So be sure to check out the Grip 36 Loose in particular – a new style for the self assured man who embraces emerging trends. The Grip 36 jeans are finished with a pressed crease in the leg for the ultimate vintage vibe. G-Funk, anyone?

G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
4 September

Snoop's influence on hip hop

Hip hop has countless branches and subgenres. At the start of the 1990’s, G-Funk sprung up on the west coast of the United States. This subgenre was named after the classic funk tracks that it sampled. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre led the way with their characteristic repetition and tempo changes.

The G-Funk era was fleeting, but Calvin Cordozar Broadus – Snoop’s real name – kept going strong. Hip hop steadily grew in mainstream appeal, and it was the West Coast Style out of California that dominated the charts. Fascinating and controversial, a very young Snoop was amongst the leaders of this movement and stormed the charts in 1993 with his extremely successful debut album “Doggystyle”.

Fast-forward to thirty years later. Snoop has sold over 37 million albums and is now considered one of the most loved personalities in contemporary pop culture. His legacy transcends any single genre and even hip hop as a whole. He appears in films, is an accomplished producer and stars in Martha Stewart’s cooking show. His inclusion on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is proof positive of his icon status. The Doggfather is here to stay.

Check out Snoop’s ultimate Spotify playlist.

G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
2 September

The history of the bucket hat in hip hop culture

Dating back to the beginning of the 1900’s, the bucket hat began as a purely functional item worn by fishermen to protect against the rain. The defining feature was the wide downward slanting rim from which water would run off. Totally practical, no fuss. Later it was worn by army troops, workers and even the elite. By the 50’s and 60’s affluent women with a fashion-forward mentality would be known to order bespoke bucket hats from couturiers.

Nevertheless it was not until the 80’s and 90’s that the bucket hat would reach peak popularity – when it was adopted by the hip hop scene. The combination of utilitarian roots and functional fashion feel turned the bucket hat into a versatile accessory. Hip hop artists (and of course their fans) can still be picked out from a crowd by their bucket hats. From humble beginnings it has come to be that the bucket hat and hip hop are inextricably linked.

G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
3 September

The art of the bandana

The bandana might look like a small insignificant piece of fabric, but it also has a rich cultural history. From historical references to Japanese work clothing to the fashionable answer to rebellion: a bandana harbours numerous stories. The way in which the shawl is worn says something about the wearer and his or her beliefs. For example, the bandana once became the symbol for the struggle for workers’ rights at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The bandana is also one of the most iconic accessories in hiphop culture. Tied around the neck or head, thrown over the shoulders or nonchalantly poked in the back pockets of a pair of jeans. In the 1990s, the shawl popped up in the looks of the heroes of Californian hiphop, including Snoop Dogg. Not just as headwear, but also tied around the arm or seemingly carelessly tied around the underside of the leg. The bandana is becoming a fixed part of an iconic hiphip outfit. Versatile and timeless. But also with a hint of rebellion.

G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
1 September

The evolution of denim in hip hop culture

Denim has always had a prominent place in the evolution of hiphop culture. A love relationship which started right away at the beginning of the 1980s, in which hiphop cautiously entered the world of music. It was also the time when jeans were gaining in popularity. Distinct silhouettes dominated the street scene.

In the 1990s - the decade in which the musical subculture got off the ground in a big way - hiphop looks were characterised by oversized work clothing and plenty of denim. Think loose-fitting jeans and dungarees, big parka jackets and lots of military references. The Canadian tuxedo – the nickname for a denim-on-denim look – also became immensely popular. Although this total denim look cropped up elsewhere in pop culture too, hiphop artists, especially those on the west coast of America, took over the trend. Hiphop artists no longer represented street culture, but became style icons in their own right.

At the dawn of the new century, the fashions also changed. Skinny jeans had their heyday and were embraced by all, even the hiphop scene. Raw denim was reintroduced and became mainstream. The diversity of styles has become particularly noticeable over the past few years. From flare to straight to ultra skinny. Yet baggy jeans continue to attract musicians and hiphop fans alike. The rebellious image of the wide jeans continues to be appealing up to the present day. And one thing is certain: denim and hiphop are never going to go out of fashion.

G-Star Say It Witcha Booty Snoop Dogg Collection
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