G-Star RAW Rotterdam30.06.2018

G-Star RAW presents:

G-Star LIVE Rotterdam

The worldwide G-Star LIVE platform had its second event in Rotterdam, with an exclusive live performance by local Dutch rapper Winne. From his very first stage moment, Winne owned the crowds with his energetic rhythm and evocative lyrics.

Winne also brought some close friends – Melissa Lopes, Raw Roets and Leeroy of Zwart Licht, who joined in on several tracks and kept the fans jumping, lock, stock and barrel.

Winne & his squad concluded the night with a supremely energetic and animated crowd, who continued to jump to his powerful rap beats until the very last note.

Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events in a store near you.

“The G-Star LIVE platform continues to transform the G-Star stores into exciting, musical evenings.“



Winne is the Dutch rapper from Rotterdam who first gained notice with songs like "Top 3 MC", before releasing his debut album Winne Zonder Strijd to much fanfare. The album earned him several State Awards, including Best Album and Best Artist. He began living in Rotterdam, Netherlands at age 18. He originally rapped in English under the stage name Static, before switching to Dutch. His real name is Winston Bergwijn. His song "W.I.N.N.E." features a sample of the Frank Zappa song "Uncle Remus." His new album will be out soon.

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