G-Star Raw

Asteron T-Shirt

€ 49,95 Inkl. Steuern

Asteron T-Shirt

€ 49,95 Inkl. Steuern

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Combining tough and playful elements, this soft jersey t-shirt is presented with a gritty overdye finish and scribbled graphic. For a laid-back look, it features a relaxed fit and rounded hem. A small woven label adds the G-Star mark of quality.


  • Relaxed fit
  • Ribbed neck
  • Rubberized artwork
  • Scooped hem


Lyon Jersey Inside Overdyed

The Asteron T-Shirt is crafted from cotton jersey, specially overdyed for a one-off, mottled finish.

  • Cotton jersey
  • Uneven overdye effect
  • RAW Sustainable. RAW Sustainable garments are made of materials that are sustainable and contribute towards minimizing the environmental impact of the G-Star collection.
  • 100% organic cotton


Light berber


40° normaler waschgang

Art. nr.: D03416-5895-7162

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