15 February 2023



Bursting with color. Boosting the energy. Introducing our Spring ’23 campaign: Colored Denim. Known for their vibrant style and energetic performances, dance music superstars SOFI TUKKER bring the brightness. Where pop color and monochrome looks collide within a metropolitan cityscape.

Cool shades. Cooler brights. Colored denim.

This season we take over the city. Within a series of giant hand-painted murals, SOFI TUKKER perform their hit song ‘Summer in New York.’ Brightening the mood and bringing their optimistic energy. Bold styles meet strong dopamine colors. As we head into Spring with a fresh approach to our signature denim.

Monochrome moments

Dressing in a singular color might seem like a bold move. But monochrome outfits are on the rise. Whether it’s a vivid bright or a softer shade, the only rule is that one color is worn throughout. Whilst this stays the same, you can mix and match your different layers. So, how do you dress monochromatic and still have a versatile style?

Monochrome Styling Advice
  • Start by selecting a color you’re comfortable in. Whether it’s your favorite blue hue or a brighter pop color. A good way to start is with your go-to shade.
  • Layer different items so that there’s a difference in styles. That way you can show your monochromatic style in full effect. Try pairings you wouldn’t normally, they work a bit easier when they’re the same color.
  • Feeling confident? Then style patterns or textures in your favorite shade too. Clashing prints can still work, just don’t steer too far from the chosen color.
  • Not ready for a whole monochromatic outfit? Start by experimenting with one color but different tones. See what suits and find your style. You can gradually build up to one whole monochrome mood once you’ve tried out a few options.

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Dopamine dressing

Naturally, people dress to make themselves feel and look good. But this trend takes styling to a psychological level. To be clear, dopamine is the feel-good hormone that everyone of us has. Dopamine dressing boosts your mood by wearing whatever makes you feel your best. Whether it’s comfy sweats or a party dress, bright colors or bold accessories, there’s a way to achieve your ultimate styling happiness. With January firmly out of the way, it’s time to maximize your mood.

Dopamine Dressing Advice
  • Start by scanning your closet. What colors are missing? What colors do you have?
  • Are there any prints or patterns you can add to your closet? Explore what attracts your eye.
  • Add more of your favorites but don’t forget to try something new.
  • Be bold and take a risk.
  • Keep track of what excites you and makes you feel good. Confident boosting styles are worth investing in.


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