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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CLUB-G?
CLUB-G is a set of benefits specially curated for G-Star subscribers. It includes not only special vouchers, promotions, and early access to sales but also exclusive G-Star experiences, events, gifts, giveaways, services, and products. Make sure you are subscribed to CLUB-G/newsletter to get benefits personalised to you into your mailbox.
How do I become part of CLUB-G?
Simply sign up for G-Star email communications here and we will treat you with CLUB-G personalised offers and surprises.
How can I end my participation in CLUB-G?
Click 'unsubscribe' in the bottom part of any email from CLUB-G.
Why should I link my purchases to my email/account?
To delight you with personal gifts, giveaways, exclusive events, and services, make sure you link all your purchases made in official/ branded stores and on or G-Star mobile app.
Do I get a subscription card/what is the proof that I am part of the club?
No card/ID is needed. Only entering the email is sufficient to link the purchase to the CLUB-G profile.
Which countries participate in CLUB-G?
CLUB-G is available for email subscribers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, the UK, the US, Canada from the 1st of November.
Which stores are participating to CLUB-G?
CLUB-G will be rolled out in NL, DE,US,BE,FR,UK,CAN in October. AU, SA in November. Rest of markets in December.
Can I use the profile all over the world?
You can use your CLUB-G profile in official/ branded stores, and on or G-Star mobile app in participating countries.
Can I link my G-Star purchases from countries where CLUB-G is not active yet?
When you purchase G-Star products in countries other than participating countries, these will not be registered to your account.
Can I link my G-Star purchases from partnered stores to my CLUB-G account?
When you purchase G-Star products from our partners, such as department stores, marketplaces (Amazon, Zalando, etc.), and shop-in-shops these will not be registered to your account.
What do I get from being part of CLUB-G?
After sign-up to Newsletter/CLUB-G, you get a welcome gift from us and access to the following benefits: birthday gift, exclusive giveaways, invites to special events. We will also surprize you with the benefits personally curated for you. Don't miss out, and keep a close eye on your mailbox.
Do I collect points in order to receive more benefits?
No more traditional point-collecting. However, if you link your purchases made in official/ branded stores and on or G-Star mobile app we will be able to offer you even more personal benefits.
How do I get more benefits?
To get more benefits link eligible purchases, read our emails, and participate in CLUB-G campaigns. For example sign-up for Exclusive Giveaways, attend CLUB-G events, etc.
How can I use benefits?
If you are a CLUB-G subscriber you have access to personalised benefits like Birthday Gift, Exclusive Giveaways, and Invitation Only Events we will inform you in a separate email with additional detals and terms and conditions. Check your email regularly to enjoy more benefits.
How can I know which benefits apply to me?
Every month we will send you an email with your personalised monthly benefits.
Can I use my CLUB-G offers and surprises both online and in store?
Yes, offers and surprises can be used in branded/official G-Star stores. Offers may differ online and in store.
Can I exchange my benefits for another item/monetary value?
No, benefits cannot be exchanged for money.
Can I share my rewards with someone else?
Offers or surprises cannot be passed on to other subscribers
Is my purchase progress before CLUB-G taken into account in the first "monthly benefits" email?
Yes, we value our loyal customers and we will curate your personalised set of benefits based on your order history.
Can I combine my CLUB-G rewards with other promotions or coupons?
Rules of promotions and coupons may vary. We will inform you about exclusions and restrictions in the email with exact personal offer
Do my CLUB-G rewards expire?
The monthly benefits are updated every month and it is not guaranteed that you will have the same benefits available for the upcoming period. Link your purchases made in official/ branded stores and on or G-Star mobile app, and we will be able to offer to you more personal benefits.
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