RAW Responsibility

La philosophie de G-Star « Just the Product » se reflète dans notre attention donnée à l'artisanat du denim et l'innovation permanente.

Nos clients s'attendent à cette approche de la part de G-Star et achètent nos produits principalement pour leur look unique. Mais le fait de perfectionner notre produit va plus loin et se poursuit dans la prise en compte de ses effets sociaux et environnementaux. Cela permet à notre entreprise d'évoluer au fil du temps et de maintenir notre position en tant qu'entreprise tournée vers l'avenir.

Notre politique de responsabilité sociale (CR) définit les actions de G-Star pour arriver à une évolution durable de notre produit.



This RAW Responsibility section outlines how our CR approach is put into practice within G-Star. It is embodied in the four pillars;

  • Responsible Supply Chain 
  • Sustainable Product 
  • Sustainable Operations 
  • Community Involvement

To continue striving for a sustainable evolution of our product, our CR approach is subject to non-stop improvement and will accordingly be updated regularly.


Since March 2011 we have entered into a partnership with MADE-BY. This multi-stakeholder organisation supports brands in implementing strategies to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry. MADE-BY verifies the implementation of G-Star’s CR policy and transparently monitors progress on all aspects of our CR policy, including on the working conditions in the factories that manufacture our products and the use of sustainable materials in our collections.

MODE Tracker

Each year MADE-BY thoroughly verifies our Corporate Responsibility achievements and publishes this online in a G-Star MODE Tracker. This latest MODE Tracker transparently shows our social and environmental progress over 2016. Find the full overview of the G-Star MODE Tracker here.

Transparency Pledge

In March 2017 G-Star, together with 16 other leading apparel and footwear companies, signed the Supply Chain Transparency Pledge. The pledge commits companies to publish information that will enable workers and consumers to find out where their products are made.

G-Star is proud of the products we manufacture together with our suppliers. That is why we show everybody where G-Star products are made in the G-Star Manufacturing Map since 2014. Whenever you buy a G-Star product in our online store you can see where that particular product is made. Signing the Transparency Pledge supports the steps we have already taken and publically shows transparency in supply chains is of great importance to us. Information on all direct suppliers and processing facilities can be found in the G-Star Manufacturing list.
View the list here.

Please find the Transparency pledge here.


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