The GSRD Foundation was founded in 2007 as the Corporate (not for profit) Foundation of G‑Star RAW. Its mission is to positively impact the people and communities of the countries where G‑Star products are manufactured by helping to facilitate ongoing educational programs and support local entrepreneurship. The Foundation works closely with G‑Star RAW’s Corporate Responsibility team.

“We believe that knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset and self-empowerment are the way to economic independence and development.”


We believe that knowledge, entrepreneurship, and self-empowerment are key to the development and economic independence of the countries and communities where we produce.

As a result, the GSRD Foundation is focused on supporting projects in the production countries where our community support can have the largest impact. Projects currently supported by the Foundation are located in Bangladesh, China, India and Vietnam.

The GSRD Foundation supports projects that focus on:


Vocational training and education for young people, concentrated on both knowledge and skills to improve their chances of going on to learn a profession and having a better future.


Life skills training and coaching for young people to develop them into independent individuals that show initiative and recognize opportunities to improve their self-sufficiency as proactive employee or through self-employment.

76 Supported projects
28 Partners
24 Long - term partnerships
125.000 Direct beneficiaries

To provide relevant education and entrepreneurial opportunities in the selected countries, the Foundation is reliant upon the expertise of experienced local partners, non-governmental organizations (NGO) – working in the field of development cooperation. Together with our partners we continuously try to maximize the impact of our projects.

Since its founding in 2007, the GSRD Foundation has supported a wide range of partners and projects. Over the last ten years, the foundation has been fortunate to develop a portfolio of strong and talented local partners. Going forward, our ambition is to strengthen our projects and partnerships by acting as a bridge to connect organizations and networks and facilitate collaboration.

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The GSRD Foundation is a member of the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands (known by its Dutch acronym FIN) and follows the code of conduct of the FIN ( In addition, the GSRD Foundation is considered a Public Benefit Institution (known by its Dutch acronym ANBI).

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