Terms and Conditions

for participation G-Star RAW Certified Tailor

A maximum of 3 G-Star RAW jeans per person may be presented for repair at one of the G-Star RAW Certified Tailors listed below:

Tailors of Amsterdam
Elandsgracht 41
1016 TN Amsterdam

Nieuwe Binnenweg 217B
3021 GB Rotterdam

Molenstraat 18B
2513 BK Den Haag

Willemstraat 23
3511 RG Utrecht

Gestelsestraat 74A
5615 LH Eindhoven

Den Bosch Fashion
Hinthamerstraat 90A
5211 MS 's-Hertogenbosch

It is not required to have all 3 jeans repaired at once as long as the repair order has been submitted to the Certified Tailor before 10 June 2022. Other G-Star RAW garments or garments from other brands are excluded from this offer. It does not matter where the jeans were purchased, as long as they are original G-Star RAW jeans and can be repaired with one or more of the 4 repairs below. This will be assessed by our tailor prior to the repair.

The free repair(s) concerns 1 or more of the 4 repairs listed below:

  1. Repair broken zipper/place new zip;
  2. Repair seam inside leg and crotch;
  3. Repair worn hem of the trouser leg;
  4. Reattach button/attach new button.

Other or different types of repairs are excluded.

Other repairs may also be carried out by the Certified Tailor, but these will not be free of charge and will be at the client's own expense.

The repair is an agreement between the client and the Certified Tailor. G-Star RAW shall not be responsible or liable for the performance of repairs, damage to or loss of the jeans, or personal injury resulting from the repair of the jeans. G-Star RAW staff is excluded from participation.

The Certified Tailor project runs from the 14th of June 2021 to the 10th of June 2022.

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