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RAW Leica

This summer will see the launch of the latest G-Star crossover: RAW Leica.

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Prouvé RAW

Prouvé RAW presents a collection of Jean Prouvé furniture classics – newly interpreted by denim specialist G-Star and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra in collaboration with the Prouvé family.

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RAW Defender

Supreme functionality and fit-for-purpose construction describes the philosophy behind both G-Star denim and Land Rover vehicles.

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RAW Ferry

Eighty years after its initial launch in 1927, G-Star undertook a total refurbishment of this classic Amsterdam canal boat, incorporating its unique design aesthetic to create a functional but luxurious cruiser.

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RAW Cannondale

The American bike manufacturer, Cannondale, has built its worldwide reputation around its original and authentic products: premium bikes that combine technology and timeless style.

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RAW Flask

In two very different worlds both Hennessy and G-Star are resolute in their passion for perfection and treatment of raw materials.

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