18 October 2022


Reliving Y2K in 2022 with Rose Bertram

Rose Bertram shows her edge while wearing the Y2K red baby tee.

Rose Bertram is the Belgian fashion model who curated our Y2K capsule collection. Born in the 90’s, she signed her first modelling contract at the age of 13. Her aura exudes a resilience which undoubtedly got her to where she is today. We sat down with Rose to talk about modelling through the years, her 00’s influences and our Y2K collection. “I got told I didn't have the right measurements to be a fashion model. But I didn't take that as an answer.”

Interview with
Rose Bertram
Rose Bertram poses inclined to show off the denim dress from the Y2K Collection.

Tell us, what kicked off your modelling career?

"It's so funny, I got scouted as a kid. So I was walking on the streets with my mum and then someone asked us if I could do a shoot for their brand. I think I was 5 or 6, I was super young."

Super young! How did things progress after that?

"So a few years later, when I was 13, I went to an agency and they signed me there and then. I started by doing a lot of commercial stuff which was super fun and chill but as I got older I realised I wanted to model for a living. I got told I wasn't tall enough and didn't have the right measurements to be a fashion model. But I didn't take that as an answer. So I worked on my own shoots and took my modelling book to agencies in Paris, London and New York. I really put myself out there and that worked. I think when you want something and you really go for it, you can get it."

What was your big break?

"Definitely when I worked with Juergen Teller. The famous photographer, you know? I was around 18 or 19 and did a campaign with him and it came out on billboards in New York. Afterwards I got a call from Sports Illustrated. Which resulted in 3 years of work. Good for building my image. And yeah, my following."

Can you compare modelling now to back then?

"Well, back in the day, social media wasn't really a thing. So it didn't matter if you had a following or not, it was all about your measurements. They had to be exactly right. Now it's a lot more inclusive and you can really utilise social media with getting jobs too."

And then G-Star asked you to curate their Y2K capsule collection. Where did you start?

"I went to the G-Star archive. Very inspiring. I picked my favorite original designs, all from the year 2000. And they've been recreated without any edits or additions. So we're really bringing Y2K into 2022."

Rose Bertram displays edge with low-waisted camo pants and a denim vest.
Model Rose Bertram poses filled with the 00's vibes, wearing a red zip up sweat jacket from the G-Star RAW Y2K collection.

Nice that you chose the original styles. What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

"I love the denim dress, you can style it up with a nice shirt or down with an oversized t-shirt. You can do so many things with this dress!"

It looks you're a denim lover...

"Oh yeah, I love denim. And my style is also kinda G-Star because believe it or not, I'm not a girly girl. So I like to mix it up with a cool oversized denim pant and a cute top and heels and G-Star is perfect for that."

How would you style the pieces?

"I have so many ideas on how you can style them. The camo pants are such a statement though. You can literally wear any of the tops from the collection with these pants and it will look good. These are gonna go hard, for sure."

A flashback to the 00’s.

"Definitely! It reminds me of that era. I was born in the 90's and grew up with Tupac, I've always been into old school hip-hop. Like Aaliyah, the g-string. [laughs] I love all of that, those are my vibes. Just like the fashion back then."

What will you get up to next?

"I'm gonna curate my own Y2K playlist and get in the mood!"

Rose Bertram poses with the Y2K symbol.

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