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Women's Sunglasses

Prepare for bright summer skies with G-Star RAW collection of sunglasses for women. Add final details to your look while shielding your eyes from the sun. Choose from our range of women's eyewear to match your outfit.

Our online collection offers you a wide variety of popular frames from the classic aviators and retro styles to round frames and cat eye sunglasses. Whether you are on a trip to the beach wearing shorts and G-Star slides, going for a stroll in one of our basic t-shirts or driving to work in a classy shirt and chinos G-Star , a pair of high quality sunglasses are a great add-on to complement the look.

Shop the Best Sunglasses for Women

Find the sunglasses that suit your needs' from dark or light tinted to colored frames, pick one that will blend to your fashion needs. All our sunglasses are delivered in a protective case to store them when not in use. Look your absolute best on sunny days with our collection of women's eyewear accessoried along with women's accessories.

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