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G-Star Elwood X25 3D Tapered Men’s Shorts

$ 75.00

G-Star Elwood X25 3D Tapered Men’s Shorts

$ 75.00

Color Bumblebee Poison Frog Print

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In the animal kingdom, survival is directly linked to one’sability to blend in or stand out, to attract or scare away.This Bumblebee Poising Frog Print is inspired by thebumblebee poison frog. They have distinctive yellow andblack bands across the body. As the frog ages, the blackbands often break off into spots. The bright colorationrepresents a warning of danger or distastefulness topotential predators.

Tapered Fit

  • Regular waistband
  • Regular rise
  • Legs narrow down from top to bottom
  • Button fly


Lucas Canvas Bumble Frog

The G-Star Elwood X25 3D Tapered Men's Shorts is cut from soft, longwearing canvas with a richly textured surface.

  • Fine canvas
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Unique to G-Star pattern
  • 100% cotton


Bumblebee Poising Frog Print

Art. nr.: D12449-9572-9086

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