The trimmest fit. These jeans provide little‑to‑no room from thighs to ankles. High recovery denim with super stretch allows for enhanced performance and flexibility.


The slim fit offers the best of both worlds: it’s not too tight, but it’s not too loose either. It’s the perfect balance of a fitted look with extra comfort, with a hint of stretch denim for a smooth finish.


The tapered fit is baggy at the top and narrower towards the ankle, offering comfort and a modern look. It’s close to a traditional western fit and has easy‑to‑wear appeal.


Our regular fit is relaxed all the way from the hips to the cuff. Available in semi- to stretch fabrics.


Our most relaxed fit. Loose legs and regular leg openings give you all the room in the world to move. Try a dropped crotch for extra attitude.
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Men's Slim Fit Jeans

G-Star RAW mens slim fit jeans
Jeans are the core of our business. To help you find your favorite pair of jeans, we shall describe our fits in detail. G-Star RAW designs denim jeans for men in the full range, offering a skinny or slim cut to a more straight or relaxed fit. In this section we’ll review the slim fit.

Mens slim jeans
Slim jeans by G-Star RAW offer a tighter fit than a straight model, but fit wider than skinny jeans. The perfect ‘in between’ we might say. G-Star mens slim jeans bring a fitted hip with a straight upper leg. It narrows down slightly towards the ankle, offering enough room around the knee and calf.

Mens slim fit black jeans
Discover G-Star RAW men’s slim fit jeans. A pair of slim jeans is available in a wide range of denims. We design rigid versions as well as stretch denim execution. Bringing a difference in touch and feel. Whether you go for those white slim jeans or that grey one, a pair of slim jeans by G-Star RAW offer a comfortable fit in a look you can make your own.

RAW mens slim blue jeans
Explore the wide variety of washes and colors within our jeans section. Light aged, restored, dark faded or RAW denim; a pair of slim blue jeans for men created by G-Star is designed with eye for detail and quality. Explore our skinny fitted 3301 jeans. 3301 offers classic 5-pocket jeans that represent the cleanest style in the G-Star denim range. If you prefer a pair of slim fit jeans with a hint of chino, than have a look at our slim jeans D-Staq.

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