The G-Star RAW Elwood jeans in blue worn by the professional street dancers THE D SoraKi and KYOKA.
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Dancer Kyoka dancing in different settings while wearing the G-Star RAW Elwood jeans.
The G-Star Elwood comes in two styles: loose and regular. Considering the nature of its 3D design and its unisex fit, the sizing differs to our other jeans.
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Discover the G-Star Elwood!

Our original 3D denim, relaunched for now. Engineered with innovation to create the freedom to express. All of our DNA in one design. Revolutionary since 1996.

The G-Star Elwood is an original approach to denim construction. With craftsmanship in every stitch. Swapping traditional design processes for innovative ones. Inserting extra seams, panels and pockets.

Elevate your outfits with G-Star Elwood jeans. In their original regular fit or the modern gstar elwood baggy jeans. Complete the look with our selection of jackets and overshirts, paired with tops and T-shirts. Mix and match our G-Star 5620 jeans to create an effortless fusion of urban grunge and refined details. Our styling guide offers for men and women creative insights on how to curate your unique outfits. Showcasing the limitless possibilities of denim and self-expression.

Join the revolution of denim. Where the past meets the present. And innovation meets heritage.

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