Frequently Asked questions

    Are there special requirements for a G-Star Store location?

    Yes, there are special requirements for a G-Star Store location.

    • The location needs to be commercially interesting with good traffic to maximize sales opportunities.
    • G-Star prefers the location to be 100 m2 or more.
    • The location needs to meet technical requirements as well. You will be informed about these requirements later in the opening process.
    • The entire store will be built within the G-Star Raw DNA.
    • The G-Star RAW brand name must be on the façade.
    • The store will be equipped with a complete set of store functionalities such as a denim wall for both men and women, a seasonal area, a community area, fitting rooms, a cash desk with an advanced system and secured internet connection, music updates and in-store branding devices.
    • G-Star expects the retailer to be a qualified partner who operates in a responsible manner.

    What are the average investment costs for a G-Star store?

    The average investment for a G-Star store is between 1,600€-2,500€ per m² for furniture, materials and construction work. You will also be investing in the G-Star collection and the operational costs of the store.

    Will I need to bring in personal capital?

    G-Star expects a new prospect to bring in at least 20% personal capital based on the overall investment for the G-Star store.

    Will I receive support from G-Star?

    Yes, G-Star will support you in the following ways:

    • You will receive support regarding store design and a special opening package from headquarters.
    • Operational support will be given after the opening via a Customer Support office (Local and HQ).
    • You will receive 10 different seasonal windows and in-store VM plans, in line with the worldwide G-Star marketing calendar.
    • G-Star HQ will exclusively provide Marketing and communication tools.
    • And last but not least, G-Star will provide you with buying directions on key styles.

    What is the timeline for the opening of a G-Star Store?

    A unique flagship concept of a modern denim store, implemented on a street location or a shopping mall has a lead-time of 4 to 6 months. The concept will be created by a team of professional designers and project management experts.

    What are the benefits of opening up a G-Star Store?

    • You will become an ambassador of the G-Star Brand.
    • You will work with an attractive concept for a broad range of consumers.
    • You will be able to benefit of the expertise of >350 open franchise stores around the world.
    • You will be supported in your daily operational activities by a local customer support office.

    Is there a possibility to buy G-Star for my Multi brand store or online shop?

    Yes, if you are interested in buying the G-Star collection for your own Multi Brand store or online shop, please fill in the request form and mark the applicable category Multi Brand or E-commerce (online). We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Which information is required to be evaluated for the possible opening of a G-Star Store?

    The following elements are mandatory:

    • Your business resume /Curriculum vitae
    • A business plan proposal
    • A detailed motivation
    • Information on available capital

    How do I apply for a job at G-Star?

    To apply for a job at G-Star please click here.

    Where can I find a G-Star store in my region?

    To find a G-Star store in your region please click here.

    How do I become a G-Star Member?

    To find out how to become a G-Star Member, please click here.

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