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    Our collectables provide the ultimate gifts and must-haves for women. Find the most exclusive Prouvé furniture in our online shop, order limited-edition gadgets or buy your very own G-No the Rhino collectable dolls.

    Meet G-No the Rhino
    Our dear G-No was first introduced to our selection of collectables in 2007. Ever since, we’ve created a new G-No for each season. As our mascot, he brings the strength and the confidence of a rhino to G-Star RAW as a brand. Add these designer dolls to your collection and welcome G-No the Rhino to your home.

    Collectables that women like
    Apart from our G-No dolls, you’ll find many interesting items in our collectables section. Exclusive as they are, they are especially popular with the women amongst us. Not into dolls? We also have an extensive collection of modernist furniture, inspired by the work of Jean Prouvé. You’ll also find limited-edition set of gadgets, like a G-Star RAW take on the classic Leica D-Lux 6 camera.

    Order your collectables online
    Our collectables are the perfect present to a true G-Star RAW fan. Surprise yourself or one of your loved ones and order them online. Within 1-2 working days, your items will be delivered to a store or pick-up point near you, or simply to your home. Have your collectables delivered to you the way you want.

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