RAW Responsibility

    G-Star’s philosophy ‘Just the Product’ is reflected in our focus on denim craftsmanship and constant innovation.

    Our customers expect this approach from G-Star and buy our products primarily for its unique look and feel. But perfecting our product goes further than that and continues in the consideration given to its social and environmental effects. This enables our company to evolve over time and maintain our position as a forward looking company.

    Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) policy defines G-Star’s actions towards a sustainable evolution of our product.

    Since March 2011 we have entered into a partnership with MADE-BY. This multi-stakeholder organisation supports brands in implementing strategies to improve environmental and social conditions in the fashion industry. MADE-BY verifies the implementation of G-Star’s CR policy and transparently monitors progress on all aspects of our CR policy, including on the working conditions in the factories that manufacture our products and the use of sustainable materials in our collections.

    This RAW Responsibility section outlines how our CR approach is put into practice within G-Star. It is embodied in the four pillars;

    • Responsible Supply Chain 
    • Sustainable Product 
    • Sustainable Operations 
    • Community Involvement

    To continue striving for a sustainable evolution of our product, our CR approach is subject to non-stop improvement and will accordingly be updated regularly.
    MODE Tracker

    Each year MADE-BY thoroughly verifies our Corporate Responsibility achievements and publishes this online in a G-Star MODE Tracker. This latest MODE Tracker transparently shows our social and environmental progress over 2016. Find the full overview of the G-Star MODE Tracker here.
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