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    slim Tight at the waist, with tight legs all the way from thigh to ankle tapered Regular to loose at the waist, with legs that narrow from knee to ankle straight Regular at the waist, with straight legs from thigh to ankle loose Loose at the waist, with wide legs from thigh to ankle
    3301 Classic 5-pocket construction stripped down to its purest form 5620 G-Star Elwood The first-ever 3D denim, with biker-details and innovative anatomical fit Arc Intricately crafted 3D design with a bowed fit that turns around the legs Revend Type C Long rear pockets and tapered fit that challenge proportion in denim design Attacc Contemporary 5-pocket style with a zip and leather trim on the back pockets
    Defend Timeless 5-pocket jean with chunky stitch-work on the back pockets Holmer A-crotch Constructed 3D jean with double-stitch A-symbols on the large rear pockets Riban Staq US First Classic

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