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Loic Relaxed Tapered Colored jeans

€ 139.95 including VAT

G-Star RAW® Loic Relaxed Tapered Colored jeans Dark blue
G-Star RAW® Loic Relaxed Tapered Colored jeans Dark blue

Loic Relaxed Tapered Colored jeans

€ 139.95 including VAT

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Color Mazarine Blue

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Inspired by mid-century North American work pants. This ultra tapered modern work wear pant is constructed using refined stitching. Over-sized and squared work wear style back pockets. Button closure coin pocket and adjustable cinch back. 3D shaping darts at lower and upper back leg.


These Loic Jeans are inspired by a North American work pants from the mid-century. Oversized, squared pockets are set at the backside. A cinch at the back, just below the waistband, allows for adjustability of this relaxed tapered fit. Shaped seams at the lower leg add to the tapered look. The coin pocket offers a button closure.

Relaxed Tapered Fit

  • Relaxed waistband
  • Mid waist
  • Coin pocket- button
  • Oversized back pockets- reinforced with double layer at the bottom section
  • Cinch at the backside of the waistband
  • Shaped seams at lower leg and upper back hip


Dock Denim Organic Recycled

Dock denim is constructed in a 4x1 RHT of organic cotton and recycled black polyester. Offering extra strength and an industrial look.

  • 10 oz weight
  • 4x1 right hand twill construction
  • 55% Organic cotton, 45% Polyester (Recycled)
  • Organic cotton fibers are free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This helps to improve soil quality, prevents water contamination (saves 91% water) and conserves biodiversity.
  • Recycled polyester is produced from post-consumer or post-industrial waste materials such as PET plastic bottles and apparel. Material that would otherwise have been sent to landfill or to incineration.
  • By giving discarded resources a new life, we save raw materials, water, chemicals and energy. Preventing further extraction of a non-renewable resource.


Mazarine Blue

Washing instructions

40° mild process

Art. nr.: D16118-9124-4213


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