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E NPP Nylon Dress

¥ 28,600including VAT

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E NPP Nylon Dress features a detachable chest pocket with a bounded edge and a Velcro closure. When removed a zipper pocket appears. Designed with adjustability in mind, the sleeve pocket at the upper arm is also detachable. Either leave it off or reposition it to the other sleeve. Zipper pockets are placed slanted at the waist. This dress is designed in a straight fit, which can be tightened by repositioning the tabs at the waist. A 2-way zipper closure at the front allows for a personalized look. This E NPP Nylon Dress is part of the Exclusives collection, where timeless design creates unique pieces.

Straight Fit

  • Shirt collar

  • Zipper pockets at the chest and waist

  • Detachable chest pockets

  • Detachable and repositionable flap pocket at the upper arm

  • Adjustable width- cuff tabs and waist tabs

  • 2-way zipper closure



Indigo Kohki Nylon

This technical woven fabric is created out of a rich blend of sustainable yarns. While the polyester improves the strength, abrasion resistance and fast dry features, the cotton offers high absorbency and a soft touch. This fabric is enhanced by ROICA EF elastane, making this fabric stretchable. A subtle wrinkle effect is added to create an uneven surface.
  • Weight 4.25 oz, stretch woven
  • 65% Organic cotton, 32% Polyester (Recycled), 3% Elastane (ROICA™ EF)
  • Organic cotton fibers are free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Growing organic cotton improves the soil quality, prevents water contamination and conserves biodiversity, while saving up to 60% water.
  • Recycled polyester is produced from post-consumer or post-industrial waste materials such as PET plastic bottles and apparel. Material that would otherwise have been sent to landfill or to incineration.
  • ROICA™ EF is a Global Recycled Standard Certified stretch yarn produced in Germany and is designed to keep your garment in shape wear after wear.


Lightly laundered to soften the fabric and give a more comfortable fit from day one.

Where is it made?

Washing Instructions

30°C normal process

Art nr: d20501-c828-082

Environmental Impact


It is our ambition to continuously improve the environmental impact of our products. This overview displays the composition of this garment and ranks the fibers (in the main fabric of the garment) according to their environmental impact. The categories were defined by combining existing industry tools and scoring mechanisms. Learn more

  • Polyester (Recycled)
    made from pre- or post-consumer plastic/polyester waste, of which PET bottles are the most common source. By giving discarded resources a new life we save raw materials, water, chemicals and energy.
  • Elastane (ROICA™ EF)
    a recycled stretch innovation (elastane), re-made from pre-consumer materials. ROICA™ EF is certified according to the Global Recycling Standard (GRS).
  • Cotton (Organic)
    fibers are free of toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

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