Dear G-Star customer,

From May 28th 2020 - June 10th 2020, face masks with art. no. : D19586-C742-881 were sold by G-Star in Spain. Upon purchasing, consumers may have assumed that the mask provides full protection against harmful gases, allergens and bacteria or even, that the mask provides protection against the COVID-19 virus.

As also stated in the instruction leaflet included in the product packaging, we would like to remind you that the face mask is not personal protective equipment, as defined in applicable European laws and regulations and that it does not have the same protective properties. The face mask is a fashionable alternative for use in public transport, amongst other things. You may continue to use the mask for that purpose.

G-Star also wishes to report that the product specification incorrectly omitted that the face mask was treated with AEGIS Microbe Shield®. This is an ECHA (European Chemical Agency) registered Biocide, under reference CAS 27668-52-6. The Aegis Microbe Shield Program is also included in the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® list as an approved chemical and is harmless to human health.

The AEGIS Microbe Shield Program uses a technology that treats surfaces so that bacteria, fungi and algae cannot grow on them. It contains the following substances:

Dimethyloctadecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride EC Number: 248-595-8 EC Name: Dimethyloctadecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]ammonium chloride CAS Number: 27668-52-6 Molecular formula: C26H58NO3Si.Cl IUPAC Name: dimethyl(octadecyl)[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl]azanium chloride This type of Biocide does not contain nano particles.

For correct use of the face mask, please refer to the leaflet instruction included in the product packaging.

For further questions about the face mask, please refer to the following site

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