Elaborate designs showcasing heightened garment features and a multitude of functional elements encapsulate the limitless creativity of the brand. Whilst premium, denim classics represent the signature G-Star workwear aesthetic.
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Inspired by the Dakar Rally

Bold and complex. Each garment incorporates elevated functionalities. Structured fits, excess pockets and unique zip detailing feature alongside a desert-inspired color palette.

Inspired by Japanese workwear

Each unique style is designed with a considered, conceptual twist. Garments offer their own personality with contrasting colours, reversible features and Japanese-inspired fits.
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Men's Exclusives

Explore limited edition pieces for men in our Exclusives collection at G-Star RAW. From exclusive denim jackets to limited edition mens jeans and cargo pants - made from high-quality, sustainable materials. Discover the full range of men's exclusive clothing today.

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