Blurred close-up from the back of female model wearing Kafey jeans

Hardcore Denim

It's all about the details

When the details are right, everything is right. The stitching, the cut, the lines, the balance. Details take denim from good to great.

Kafey Jeans

Kafey Ultra High Skinny Jeans

Inspired by elements of a motorcycle pant, the ultra-high skinny ankle jean features high back pockets and an integrated coin pocket.

Integrated coin pocket

Citishield Jeans

Citishield 3D Slim Tapered Jeans

The denim innovation has a slim tapered fit and is made from water-resistant denim. Along the side seam, an extended rubberized zip conceals a large pocket.

Side pocket with rubberized zip

Tedie Short

Tedie Short

The short version of the Tedie jeans. An ultra-high waist short with feminine back pockets, an inserted welt coin pocket and ripped hems.

Ultra-high waist & Feminine back pockets

Janeh Jeans

Janeh Ultra High Mom Ankle Jeans

The mom jean features a hidden coin pocket on top of the waistband, slanted belt loops and a curved yoke.

Slanted belt loops & Curved yoke band

Loic Jeans

Loic Relaxed Tapered Jeans

A new 3D denim style inspired by workwear pants, the ultra-tapered fit features oversized, square back pockets, a coin pocket with a small button closure and an adjustable cinch at the back.

Adjustable cinch at the back

Kafey Hotpants

Kafey Hotpants

A classic 5-pocket construction with back pockets placed higher up towards the back yoke. At the front, the coin pocket is aligned with the seams of the back yoke.

High back pockets

Revynn Jeans

Close-up from the back of female model wearing Reveynn jeans
Close-up from the back of female model wearing Reveynn jeans and denim jacket

Revynn Ultra High Boyfriend Jeans

The boyfriend fit version of the Tedie jeans. The Revynn features a workwear look and combines masculine proportions with an ultra-high waist and workwear-inspired back pockets.

Ultra-high waist & Workwear-inspired back pockets

3911 Alum Jeans

3911 Alum Relaxed Tapered Jeans

A classic 5 pocket jean with a hardware look and feel. The relaxed tapered fit features lined back pockets reinforced with rivets and a coin pocket placed partially over the waistband.

Reinforcing rivets & Oversized reinforced coin pocket

Tedie Jeans

Tedie Ultra High Straight Jeans

A new denim blueprint with an ultra-high waist and ripped hems, the Tedie jeans combines masculine elements with feminine details.

Ultra-high waist & Feminine back pockets

Noxer Jeans

Noxer High Straight Jeans

Inspired by a motorcycle pant, the Noxer features a feminine yet functional design. The short has an ultra-high straight fit and features high back pockets and an outstanding zipper.

Back pocket with zipper

G-Bleid Jeans

G-Bleid Slim Jeans

The G-Bleid Jean features elements inspired by leather tool belts and has two additional pockets on top of the typical five. Heavy-duty saddle stitching, typically only used in leather goods, adds increased strength and durability.

Extra nail pocket

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