MODE Tracker

In April 2017 the G-Star MODE Tracker 2016 was published by MADE-BY. The MODE Tracker is an independent verification and progress tracking tool that publicly shows our year-on-year sustainability results in a clear and easy way. The MODE Tracker gives a holistic overview of our sustainability achievements. It assesses progress in eight areas: People, Product, Manufacturing, Packaging & Transport, Own Operations, Use & Durability, Product Waste and Transparency.

In 2016 G-Star
• improved in the majority of the above areas
• doubled the percentage of sustainable materials in our collection to 30,1%
• reduced the use of air cargo with 29% due to better internal planning and good cooperation with our suppliers

For next year, all G-Star teams are working really hard to improve our score even more! Take a look at the G-Star MODE Tracker here.

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