MODE Tracker

In April 2017 the G-Star MODE Tracker 2016 was published by MADE-BY. The MODE Tracker is an independent verification and progress tracking tool that publicly shows our year-on-year sustainability results in a clear and easy way. The MODE Tracker gives a holistic overview of our sustainability achievements. It assesses progress in eight areas: People, Product, Manufacturing, Packaging & Transport, Own Operations, Use & Durability, Product Waste and Transparency.

In 2016 G-Star
• improved in the majority of the above areas
• doubled the percentage of sustainable materials in our collection to 30,1%
• reduced the use of air cargo with 29% due to better internal planning and good cooperation with our suppliers

For next year, all G-Star teams are working really hard to improve our score even more! Take a look at the G-Star MODE Tracker here.

Transparency Pledge

On April 20, 2017, a report and news articles were published about the Supply Chain Transparency Pledge that G-Star signed, together with 16 other leading apparel and footwear companies. The pledge commits companies to publish information that will enable workers and consumers to find out where their products are made.

G-Star is proud of the products we manufacture together with our suppliers. That is why we show everybody where G-Star products are made in the G-Star Manufacturing Map since 2014. Whenever you buy a G-Star product in our online store you can see where that particular product is made. Signing the Transparency Pledge supports the steps we have already taken and publically shows transparency in supply chains is of great importance to us.

You can find more information on the Transparency Pledge here.
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