Sustainable Operations

Within our Corporate Responsibility approach, we prioritize the social and environmental aspects of the manufacturing of our product. Because the biggest positive impact can be made here, we focus on the people involved and materials used in this manufacturing process. This does not mean, however, that we do not look into our own operations and behaviour to reduce our direct impact on the environment. From packing, shipping and storing our products, to running our offices, showrooms and stores; there are many things we do that have an effect on the environment. Consequently, to reduce our direct ecological impact we look into all steps involved in the process necessary to get our products to our customers.


Efficiency is essential when it comes to distributing G-Star products to our stores, which is why we design our distribution centres and warehouses to be flexible, scalable and automated. To minimise our carbon emissions, we implement measures ranging from limiting energy use to partnering with transportation companies that meet leading standards in sustainability and environmental protection.All of this without losing sight of our retail concept defining that our stores are an extension of the philosophy, design aesthetics and raw authenticity of G-Star and our collection is in stock and updated regularly.


G-Star wants to make a contribution to reducing plastic pollution. That is why G-Star is working towards banning single-use, non-durable and unnecessary plastics in all our operations.
In 2014, plastic shopping bags have been replaced with paper bags made from FSC® certified paper in all our stores worldwide. This way we reach an annual reduction of more than 1.5 million plastic bags accounting for approximately 70,000 kg plastic. We are also in the process of replacing the plastic polybags needed to maintain the quality of our products during transportation. Since 2015, G-Star is testing polybags that are compostable and biodegradable. If successful, we will identify how we can replace all polybags. In addition, we prevent the use of plastic at our offices by measures such as banning plastic water bottles.  

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