Community Involvement

Through our sourcing and production activities, we are connected to farmers and factory workers in several countries, mainly in Asia. G-Star wants to make a positive impact on these communities by being actively involved. Not only indirectly by contributing to employment opportunities, but also directly by improving the long term prospects for these communities. 

As a company that is founded on entrepreneurial spirit, G-Star believes that knowledge and business opportunities are the best way to economic independence and therefore key for development.

GSRD Foundation

We established the GSRD Foundation in 2007 through which we support projects that are located in G-Star’s production countries and focus on:



The GSRD Foundation offers children and adolescents vocational training concentrating on both knowledge and skills, to give them the possibility to learn a profession and have better chances for the future.To encourage people to start a business, the GSRD Foundation offers entrepreneurs the possibility to pursue their business ambitions by providing knowledge, grants and loans.

When starting the GSRD Foundation, we entered a new field of expertise. To provide vocational training and entrepreneurial opportunities we therefore rely on the expertise of knowledgeable and experienced partner organisations in the field of development cooperation.


In partnership with these organisations, the GSRD Foundation currently supports projects located in India, China, and Bangladesh. G-Star also produces in countries in Europe, but we consciously choose not to support projects in countries where a functioning social system is in place and community support is less urgently needed.

When it comes to our cooperation with partner organisations we strive for long term relations. This way we can strengthen our partners and projects and make a sustainable impact on the countries where G-Star’s production takes place. For more information about the GSRD Foundation and an overview of all supported projects, please visit our GSRD Foundation website:

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