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Seyal Art Hooded Sweater

€ 55,96 Inkl. Steuern

Seyal Art Hooded Sweater

€ 55,96 Inkl. Steuern

Farbe White

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With a statement graphic and strong pattern, this casual hoodie is spot-on for easy, daily style. Stretchy ribbing at the edges add a sporty note. While an angular kangaroo pocket means you've always got somewhere to keep your hands warm.


  • Adjustable hood
  • Hand pockets
  • Printed graphic


Sherland Sweat Rain Pattern

The (PN) is cut from rich, sweat fabric with a classic texture and warm, fleecy interior.

  • Midweight sweat fabric
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Full-bodied hand-feel
  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester


White pattern


30° schonender waschgang

Art. nr.: D09966-A296-5950

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