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Zallik Cap Camo

€ 49,95 Inkl. Steuern

Zallik Cap Camo

€ 49,95 Inkl. Steuern

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Referencing military headwear, this low-profile cap is presented with a rich camo pattern and ergonomic fit. Combining a flat brim with a low crown, it's the laid-back alternative to a baseball cap.


  • Warm fabric
  • Felt patch
  • Adjustable strap


Zallik Polyester AC Pattern

The Zallik Cap Camo is cut from soft twill, made for longwearing comfort.

  • Soft synthetic twill
  • Deep twill lines
  • Unique to G-Star pattern
  • 100% polyester


Asfalt / carbon pattern


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Art. nr.: D03120-8405-7063

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