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Arc 3D Low Waist Boyfriend Jeans CNY

€ 129,95 Inkl. Steuern

campaign style

Arc 3D Low Waist Boyfriend Jeans CNY

€ 129,95 Inkl. Steuern

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campaign style


Based on the iconic G-Star Arc, these limited edition jeans are specially designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year. With an embroidered phoenix set low on one leg, they're a must-have for festive style. Like the original Arc 3D Jeans, they offer an advanced boyfriend fit that flatters in all the right places.

Boyfriend Fit

  • Low waist
  • Relaxed waistband
  • Narrows down towards the hems
  • Zip closure


Watton Denim

  • The Arc 3D Low Waist Boyfriend Jeans CNY is constructed from indigo denim, woven for a slubby texture and to age gracefully.
  • Midweight denim
  • Dry with a soft hand-feel
  • Streaky texture
  • 100% cotton

Dark Aged

Skillfully finished with gentle fades that replicate months of wear.


  • 40° normaler waschgang
  • Nicht bleichen
  • Mit Feinwäsche-Trockner-Programm trocknen (60°)
  • Bei mittlerer Temperatur bügeln (150 °C)
  • Chemisch reinigen mit Tetrachlorid, normaler waschgang
  • An der Leine trocknen/zum Trocknen aufhängen
  • Auf links gedreht und mit ähnlichen Farben waschen

Art. nr.: D05635-5773-89

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